"To photograph a face is to photograph the soul behind it. Photography is the truth, and cinema is the truth 24 times a second"
~Jean-Luc Godard

Recent Updates
7/14/2015 Nickelodeon Theatre Hosts Blaktastik July 24-26 Film Festivals
7/7/2015 Television Show Casting Casting Opportunities
6/2/2015 TV series "Outcast" is looking for crew Crew Employment
5/19/2015 Kansas City Universal Film Festival Press Release & Call for Entries Film Festivals
4/29/2015 Feature film looking for crew Crew Employment
4/13/2015 S.C. Young Filmmakers Finalists to Screen at 2015 Indie Grits Film Festival Film Festivals
4/9/2015 CBS show "The Inspectors" announces Extras Online Registration Casting Opportunities
4/7/2015 A Baltic Celebration of Music & Independence Other
4/10/2015 Call for Entries: 2016 Beaufort International Film Festival Film Festivals
3/3/2015 9th Annual Beaufort International Film Festival Names Winners Film Festivals
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