Road/Highway Encroachment Permit
Need to close a road, obtain intermittent traffic control, or pull over to the side of a road and/or at a rest stop and do some filming? The SC Department of Transportation (SCDOT) handles all such requests through an encroachment permit process. This process establishes a uniform standard for encroachment upon roads in the State Highway System so as to provide for the safe and efficient movement of traffic while allowing reasonable access to abutting property.

The Application for Encroachment Permit is a request to SCDOT for permission to perform work on SCDOT maintained rights-of-way. This includes all interstate rest stops. An approved permit grants the Applicant permission to encroach on the roadway within the guidelines established on the permit. The District Engineer for the county you will be filming in will be the person who approves the permit.

More information about the permit can be found here.

"Walker Payne" with Jason Patric in Chester, York, Kershaw, and Fairfield Counties, 2005
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