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Cinemax: Why did you choose Chester, South Carolina as the shooting location?

Chris Black: It started with Robert’s script and the world that Robert created of Rome, West Virginia. We’re not going to shoot it in Los Angeles because it needs a specific look. Places like Chester and York, where our police station, the Reverend’s church and Megan’s house are, almost don’t need to be art directed. You just pull up and it’s like, “Oh my god, here we are. ... [   ]  All the pieces really came together. South Carolina is a state where they really want production to come and work here. There’s great crews, there’s great people. "

~Chris Black, Showrunner of "Outcast"

"There’s never been a [network] show set in Charleston. It is a spectacular place, literally steeped in the biggest history of our nation."

~Dana Stevens, Creator and Executive Producer of Reckless

“I’ve worked on twelve series and in my experience South Carolina is unmatched in offering so many diverse locations in close proximity to each other. On our schedule and budget, we could never have achieved the same level of production value anywhere else. Combine that with an incredibly talented crew, the enthusiastic support of Charleston, and the city's unique charms, and you’ve got the perfect combination for a series like ours. The film incentives may have brought us here, but it's the crew, locations, and local hospitality that have kept us here and made 'Army Wives' such a pleasure and success."

~Jeff Melvoin, Executive Producer of
Army Wives

"[The people of Georgetown] were extremely cooperative. It was a fantastic place to shoot.  ...I've done a lot of movies, and [the extras were] maybe the best extras I've come across in my life.

~Barry Levinson, Director of The Bay, quoted in Shock Till You Drop

"Shooting in South Carolina was excellent. We had a great time. Combination of natural resources, older beach houses, plantations, unspoiled coastline and the good and dependable rebates."

"Crew rate, availability, state rebate, and how it’s put together made South Carolina a great location for 'Dear John'."

~Jeremiah Samuels, Executive Producer, and Billy Badalato, UPM of Dear John

"I shall return to SC to film something, I know it. Keep your program going! I tell everyone it rocks."

~David O. Russell, Director of Nailed

"We had to create not only Charleston locations, but Germany, Afghanistan, Africa, the Congo and Eastern Europe - all in Charleston."

~Kara Lindstrom, Production Designer of Dear John

"Great crew and a very easy state to shoot. The film commission was extremely proactive in helping to mount the production. The follow-through during the shoot was terrific."

~Butch Kaplan, Producer of
The Notebook

"We had a great experience shooting in South Carolina. I enjoyed it tremendously! The initial attraction was the incentives. We felt it was the strongest incentive packaged offered. We were able to get the locations needed in and around Columbia."

~Andrew Sugarman, Line Producer of Death Sentence

"Gaffney is a great town; really all the South Carolina towns are. They're just so charming. And I've gotten such a kick out of talking with your Mayor Jolly. One of our actors got sick, and he was here to recommend Dr. Barnhill in town. It's those little things that make Gaffney an attractive place for a project."

~Judd Payne, Producer of Walker Payne, quoted in The Gaffney Ledger

“I don’t think we really understood how pretty it would be and welcoming and how easy it was gonna be to work here. I grew up in the South, sort of. We call Kentucky the South. ... There is a difference in the way people are accepted here. It’s very open and fun. And so you felt very much ... like you were at a backyard party a lot of the time. You didn’t feel as if you were strangers intruding at all.”

~George Clooney, Director of Leatherheads, quoted in Chester DailyLocal.com - PA

"I would come back again! ...There were two deciding factors: the primary one was the incentives. That was what drew us. The other was the weather during that time of the year, since we had a narrow window in which to shoot. If we had not needed specific train shots and a few stadiums, we would have shot the entire film in SC. I would just encourage the people involved in the legislation to continue making the incentives as good as they can be."

~Barbara A. Hall, Executive Producer of

"Many film commissions make promises, but South Carolina delivers. You will love the state and may even wind up buying a home."

~Stuart Neumann, Location Manager for Something to Talk About; Production Manager of The Jackal

"I was just thinking about Charleston a few weeks ago while having drinks with Tim Roth. We were reminiscing about how much fun we had and I was wishing we had an excuse to go back."

~Peter Glatzer, Producer of Deceiver, quoted in The Charleston City Paper

"There’s an energy in Charleston that doesn’t exist in the north or the west. The people were amazing and beautiful… it’s old, it’s very historic. I dream about it, there’s still a house there I’d love to buy someday and fix up. If life were ever fantastic, that was it. Life in Charleston is a dream and you cannot have a life like that anywhere else. And it’s romantic. That’s why it’s so amazing being in a period movie because there’s a romance about it that doesn’t exist now."

~Amanda Seyfried of Dear John, quoted in Indie London

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