Production Incentives
South Carolina’s Incentive Package is among the best in the country. It offers an easy-to-use rebate and a quick cash return.

1. Employee Wage Rebate
: A Qualified Production is eligible for a wage rebate up to twenty-five percent (25%) for the persons employed in conjunction with the South Carolina production. The wages of all South Carolina residents are eligible for the maximum 25% rebate. The wages of all non-resident performing artists (including stunt performers) including crew, are eligible for a 20% rebate

The following requirements must be met in order to be eligible for the wage rebate:

(a) wages for each qualifying person must be less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) for the project and;
(b) wages must be subject to South Carolina withholding tax.

2. South Carolina Supplier Rebate
: A Qualified Production is eligible for a rebate up to thirty percent (30%) of qualifying goods and services purchased, rented, or leased by the production company from a South Carolina supplier.

3. Pay No State Sales/Use & Accommodations Tax
: 6% - 8.5% You may also qualify for a sales tax exemption. Save on all purchases, rentals, and leases. This is an exemption – taxes are not charged to the production.

4. Pay No Location Fee for State Properties

5. SC Investor Tax Credits for Your Production
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Important Points About South Carolina's Incentive Package

·To be eligible for any of the incentives listed above, the production company must first be approved.
·SC’s incentive is a cash rebate, not a tax credit involving brokers and a waiting period.

SC reserves your estimated rebate funds, assuring production that rebate funds are available.

Your rebate check is cut within 30 days of our final audit – use the money in post!

The wage rebate is assignable to a financial institution – you can use this to cash flow your production.

Features, TV pilots, and TV series – and the loan out companies that work for them are eligible.

To receive the rebates, a qualified production must spend $1,000,000 in SC. All other incentives (#3 and #4) require only a $250,000 spend.

Before beginning production contact the South Carolina Film Commission to receive your incentive application. Once qualified, you’ll begin saving immediately!
SC’s incentive package fosters the development of infrastructure by offering tax credits for investment in a SC motion picture and/or investment in a production or post-production facility. Please refer to the SC Film Commission’s policies and procedures for more details on all of our incentives.  

* Please consult the South Carolina Film Commission for all details concerning this incentive.
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