"To photograph a face is to photograph the soul behind it. Photography is the truth, and cinema is the truth 24 times a second"
~Jean-Luc Godard

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Posted: 6/30/2010

The SC Film Commission constantly receives calls concerning the legitimacy of casting calls placed in local newspapers, or found on websites. While many films use the newspapers to advertise an open casting call, legitimate films or projects always provide a specific film or project name and some of the principal people involved in it.

Please note that legitimate Agencies or Casting Directors DO NOT REQUIRE A PAYMENT UPFRONT to register or include you on their roster. They may ask for a nominal fee ($2) to take a single reference picture if you can`t provide one yourself, but under no circumstance should you pay them for an "application" or "registration" fee for any future films or projects down the road. Open casting calls are timed to coincide with a LOCAL film currently in pre-production or production.

Also, if they aren`t willing to provide you with written documentation as to which particular film or print ad they are working with, consider this a serious red flag. 

Fees are charged once - and only if - the agency has obtained an acting position for you.
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